The purpose Of Life

Every soul that came to this World,
Flatter around like hinds,
With clueless minds,
And flawless brains.
Nothing knows which path to entrains.

Every soul that came to this World, Has a purpose given to their life.
All what we have to do is to,
Search for that purpose.
Sometimes, the purpose of our life
Is just in front of us,
Like a happiness allies.
Even then, we can't lead ourselves to follow the lines.

So, to understand those lines;
Just feel the vibes of your soul,
Do the things that makes you delight.
Against all the odds and even.
And, find the reason for your existence.

©Dakshali Gupta
Copyright Reserved !

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© 2021 Dakshali Gupta. All Rights Reserved.

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

52 thoughts on “The purpose Of Life”

    1. Thank you so much, Anurag that you liked it.
      Yes, you are right. One should find to try out their purpose of life.
      Hope you would find your purpose ?

          1. Purpose, To be a Demon who fires the truth, because there are so many heroes available in the world… All demons aren’t bad though, want to prove that.. Sounds silly but that’s what one crazy mind utters…😅😅

            1. Hey….it doesn’t sound silly but interesting !
              That’s so much different from others.
              Everyone wanted to be good to show of the people, but no wanted to be good through their heart, no matter what they show others but are of pure heart..
              It’s so wonderful yet crazy ! Hahaha.

              1. Yes it is
                People calls us crazy but they forget only crazy had guts to go beyond the limits…
                Here’s the demon speak,😀
                Found your purpose soon and don’t forget to aware me..😅

              2. Well said !
                Yeah, of course .
                I’ll let you know as soon as I’ll get my purpose of life.😄.
                I think it’s so silly to find your purpose…. zindgi ke sath sath hme purpose bhi pta chl ho jati h … correct ??😅

              3. Hahaha…yes !
                Two years back I have completed it.

                And currently I’m 2nd year graduate student !

                Btw what made you to think this question ??😅

              4. Haha nothing serious, just concern for you…😅
                Please soon find out your life purpose before its get too late..
                Though it’s better to be late than never as soon as our thoughts not swiftly deteriorate… 😀

              5. Thank you buddy, for being so concern about me !
                Purpose ka kya h …. zindagi ke rah me vo bhi mil jayega !!😅
                Yes, you are very right .

    1. O my my God !
      I don’t expect this comparation.
      But thank you so much that you feel so much spiritual after reading this🥰🤗..
      I can’t even tell you how much blessed I’m feeling right know.
      Thank you so so much Tara !😊

  1. Hey, there! I hope you are doing good. I nominated you for Ideal Inspiration Award. Please check out my blog Gratitude for Nominations I for more details.

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