Ultimate Escape

There’s a moment,
when we all got stuck to the one person.
We couldn’t let him/her go.
We couldn’t let him/her go,
like nothing had happened between US.

We can’t escape from these persons.
As these were much more than the cannabis
Cannabis of addiction.
Addiction of love.
We can’t over to them at once.

We got stuck with these people.
We got stuck to their emotions,
their feelings and to those
butterflies moment.

We don’t know,
what we have to do, to escape from that bait.
We don’t know,
what have to do, to escape from this prison.
We don’t know,
what should we do, to escape from that person.

We all wanted to escape, but couldn’t .
We all wanted to detach our feelings but couldn’t.
We all wanted to cut those strings of fluttering butterflies but couldn’t.

My own efforts just go in vain, when it came to you.
I tried to escape from you, but I couldn’t.
I tried to detach myself from your feelings but I couldn’t.
I tried to cut all those strings between us,
and I almost did,
but, you stopped.
and the ultimate escape I have finally achieved is by YOU.
Yes, YOU were my ultimate guide that I am finally over YOU.

// Sometimes, Changes are hard to accept but time heals everything //

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Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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