UNPURPOSED- My poetry Collection

Current situation may not be good for the society, I know it’s actually worse, sadly. Although, previous year is kind of good for my site “Poetrylance”and somewhat to me. I got to learnt so much things via you guys and this poem stuff got me to indulged into compilation things, that turned out lastly by publishing my own book . Yeah, you read that right.

I had published my book –UNPURPOSED. Although, there were others co-authors too, who helped me a little with my book. And Vaibhav Upadhayay, Founder of Wordsmith Consultancy, the one who encourages me to publish my own poems… You can check out his page. He’s such an amazing and inspiring person. You can visit his site here.

Thou, I was never too happy with my book. I don’t why, guess I was afraid to be the centre of attraction. But, nowadays it felt me great to be called myself an “author’. May be I’ve not been good into these author things..its just the new experience, a whole new experience that the last pandemic lockdown has offered me to.. Let’s see what’s this not so called New Year has offered me to in 2021 .

I will not quit until I am living the life I have dream of. It's just that I am still figuring it out. LOL !

You guys can check out my book if you feel so : Notionpress

It’s also available on Amazon

Thank you :))

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Stay safe.

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