What Do You See- Virgin Lake

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Does this picture inspire you to write something?

What Do You See- Virgin Lake
Image credit : Sajde itself !

(For the visually challenged reader, the image shows wooden pier extending into a lake. The sky overhead is partly cloudy with sun trying to peep).

• • •

She was on her daily routine,

Tied her shoes, and went into the trails as usual;

She was running into the woods, unaware of the routes,

Exploring new paths every day;

She followed the chirping of some bird,

and came across the intriguing “Virgin Lake”.

She looked at it with an awe;

Sun too was trying to peep into a cloud, as a gesture to welcome her.

She walked a little more towards the wooden pier extending into a lake.

And absorbed, the energy of mesmerizing lake, amidst the boscage.

© DakshaliGupta | 24 May 2021

Virgin Lake,located at the edge of the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness Area along the Blanca Lake Trail in Washington, United States. 

Note : I came across this idea from the web series : Virgin River, acc to its story, this place is located in the remote area of Northern California town. And this is about that girl Mel, a nurse who just shifted from LA to remote town so as to heal from her tragedious past and who used to run across the woods..Lol !

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