Why Writing Poetry?- A Survey

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Please give your 2 min. and take this survey regarding ” Why Writing Poetry?”. This is helpful for my upcoming next blog post

Click here to conduct the survey. Please give your valuable feedback before Monday.

I will be posting the results on Monday.

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23 thoughts on “Why Writing Poetry?- A Survey”

          1. Yes. For a long time that’s how I was. Then I just stopped. Now it’s back like I never stopped. Napkins are sometimes the most handy (no pun intended) and it’s great. I must have like about a dozen napkins taped into various notebooks lol

              1. The hack is simple. If an idea strikes, it doesn’t matter where you are. Find a pen and something to write on (toilet paper in public places is typically too think and will rip – it’s only in the movies that works). I also started carrying pens and a notebook with me. A small notebook, but it’s always in my purse. If I grab a napkin it gets folded neatly inside.

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